Version 17.0.004 Q1/2023

Last modified by Strahinja Jovicevic on 2023/03/15 10:58


Fix: Tekla Base tools did not record changes in Element History. (Case 123545)

Fix: Error that stated panel planes mismatch is now fixed. (Case 124655)

Fix: Special issue with time out in TBT. (Case 123446)

Fix: Special case where transfer status was working only with ready for production field activated. (Case 124454)

Fix: Special case where the ready for production date was overwritten everytime that the element was resaved. (Case 124027)

Fix: Special case where a recess was not stored in the IMPACT database. (Case 123234)

Fix: Qty of reinforcement, did not match the Tekla values, because of the secondary parts in assembly. (Case 124017)

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