IMPACT Reinforcement

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Version 13

Documented new features or changes introduced in service releases.

If a change note forwards to an existing article, the change is marked with (New in QX/202X).

Version 13.0.023

Released September 4th, 2023

New Features

Added support for continuous spiral rectangle stirrup shape code. (Case 121650)

Added a setting in the profile to turn on/off Shape code for straight bars in schedules. (Case 126200)

Version 13.0.022

Released June 5th, 2023

Version 13.0.021 Q2/2023

Released May 29th, 2023

Version 13.0.020 Q1/2023

Released March 6th, 2023

New Features

Added new shape codes (MB, JJ, 81, 48) for bended mesh. (Case 123390)

Replace multiple bars with one barmark at the same time. (Case 123675)

Version 13.0.019

Released January 18th, 2023

Version 13.0.018 Q4/2022

Released December 12th, 2022

New Features​​​​

Changed from 2 to 3 decimals on the mass for the reinforcement quality. (Case 122099)

Version 13.0.017

Released September 9th, 2022

Version 13.0.016 Q3/2022

Released September 5th, 2022

Version 13.0.015

Released June 10th, 2022

Version 13.0.014 Q2/2022

Released May 30th, 2022

Version 13.0.013 Q1/2022

Released February 23rd, 2022

Version 13.0.011 Q4/2021

Released December 14th, 2021

New Features

Version 13.0.010   Q3/2021

Released September 5th, 2021

New Features

Version 13.0.009  Q2/2021

Released May 26th, 2021

Version 13.0.006  Q3/2020

Released September 4th, 2020

Version 13.0.000

Released December 6th, 2019

New Features

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