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Here will you find a collection of the most frequently asked questions regarding IMPACT.

How can I change my reinforcement text style to show 1+1 as the number of bars instead of 2?

My IMPACT menus are missing in AutoCAD, how can I get them back?

How do I work with layouts and import a floor plan drawing into it?

My annotation line does not fit all the text in shop drawings, can I extend it?

Can I replace one Element Mark with another and keep the Element ID?

I want to change my drawing panel in a project in both new and existing drawings, how do I do?

How can I change my shop drawings to be presented in layout tabs?

How do I exclude certain layers from viewports in drawings?

How can I copy objects and keep its z-value in the floor plan?

Can I restore a deleted Element ID?

Is it possible to rename a project?

Is it possible to show the center of gravity in elements?

What is the difference between Frozen and Locked in Project Manager?

Erase - Erase element from database, yes, no, eraseall, ereasenone?

I want to change the size of my element marks, is it possible? 

A question mark is shown instead of åäö in a drawing, why?

How can I change the scale of a filling with a hatch?

When a bar is connected to a distribution line, how is the number of bars calculated?

All reinforcement text is huge in the layout. How do I change the scale back to normal?

How do I get my reinforcement objects drawn correctly on computers that do not have Impact Reinforcement installed?

The colors of the layers have changed to a single color, how do I change it back?

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