How do I change the line type for bars with the help of the insertion point?

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Line type control using the insertion point

A bar can be placed both in the upper and lower edge, i.e. certain parts of the bar must be presented with a line type which is "dashed" while 
other parts must be shown with a solid line type. By selecting the insertion point you can control how the bar will be presented. All the parts
of the bar that are placed beyond (closer to the bottom) the selected insertion point, change the line type to the opposite. 


Figure 1


Figure 2

Example with placement at Top, then the bar is drawn with a solid line type. When the insertion point 2 is selected, the part between 3 and 4 is dashed because it is placed beyond point 2 (underneath). When insertion point 3 is selected the part between 3 and 4 becomes solid because this part is now on the same level as 2.

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