How do I work with layouts and import a floor plan drawing into it?

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In the video below, Peter Karlsson explains how to work with layouts. Here follows a brief review of the content.

  • In Project Manager, you need to create a layout. 
  • In the layout, type vport and choose single to add a viewport 
  • Choose Attach DWG -> find the plan floor drawing you want to insert. 
  • If the x-ref is containing more than you want, mark it and type xclip -> new boundary and trim it.
  • If you do not want panel thickenings or CIM:s to show, go to Layer tools -> Format layer tools -> Layer off -> Settings > Block selection -> Entity.  Do not turn off layer 0. 
  • To correct the position and scale of the x-ref you need to change click on PAPER to change it to MODEL and here you can adjust it. When the adjustments are done, click om MODEL again to change it back to PAPER. 
  • To change the paper size, type plot and under Print/plotters DWG TO PDF, paper size ISO fullbleed A2. Press Apply to layout and ok.
  • If the color is not as strong as it was before, it depends on the fade level. Type Options -> Display -> Xref display. - equals to no fade, + equals to full fade.


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