I want to change my drawing panel in a project in both new and existing drawings, how do I do it?

Last modified by Niklas Palmgren on 2019/04/24 09:10

Sometimes changes appear to the logo, text or the proportion of the drawing panel. These can be applied by following the steps below. In the following example, two circles and a line will be added to the drawing panel _ust100

1. You need to identify how the dwg is named. This can be done by selecting the block -> right click -> Quick Properties -> Name


2. Find the dwg on project level and make the changes you would like. Save the dwg with the same name.


3. Open the template where the block you have changed is located. 


4. Once the template is open, proceed by opening each layout containing the unchanged block and remove it. In this case the block was located in Model, MAIN & REINFORCEMENT


5. Type Purge in AutoCAD and choose your block from All items -> Blocks -> _ust100. Click Purge and Close.


6. After this step, you just need to click on Reset Drawing under the Base tab and the new, changed block will fall in place.


New elements generated with this template will get the change. In existing drawings, you need to open and perform step 4-6 in each drawing. 


Created by Niklas Palmgren on 2019/04/24 09:10
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