My annotation line does not fit all the text in shop drawings, can I extend it?

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When you got much text on the annotation lines the text may not fit on the line. Here are the steps needed to extend/trim the annotation line in shop drawings. 

Figure 1: Left: Short annotation line, the text does not fit. Right: Longer annotation line, the text does fit.

You change the length of the annotation line in Project Manager -> Project Properties -> Drawings -> Length of horizontal annotation line.
This length must be changed separately for each element type; Beams, Columns, Walls, Slabs and Hollow Cores. 

Length of annotation line.png
Figure 2: Project Properties

The Length is multiplied with the scale of the drawing. So If you have a scale of 1:30 and 10 mm the resulting measurement will be 300mm on the drawing.

Next you need to Regenerate the drawing and the changed measurement will apply.
Figure 3: Batch Generate...
Figure 4: Batch Generate...
Figure 5: Open drawing(s)

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