When a bar is connected to a distribution line, how is the number of bars calculated?

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  • The distribution line is always drawn all the way to the edge, see figure 1.
  • The distribution line can start/end at an edge or sometimes connect to another distribution line, see figure 1.
  • The calculation is general so that data such as "covering concrete layer" and/or "s/2" do not need to be entered for each end. This also applies to distribution lines with several segments, see figure 2.
  • Normally, the distance s/2 is used for the first and last bar, see figure 3 and 4.
  • The calculation is conservative, and the function adds an extra bar when the last distance exceeds s/2.
Of course, the bar does not need to be connected to a distribution line, and then the number can be entered manually.


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Figure 4



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