Unitechnik file exports are enabled in IMPACT. The file formats supported at this time are Unitechnik 5.2 and Unitechnik 6.0. Unitechnik files can be read by many CAM-systems (stackers, bending machines and lasers).


Unitechnik files are created in IMPACT for AutoCAD.


The documentation herein focuses on the configuration needed to get the correct Unitechnik files for your specific application.


Configuration of the file content and naming is done in the Unitechnik tab in Project Properties.


Wall, Insulate wall, Sandwich

Settings made in the Unitechnik that only affects elements of the type Solid wall, Insulated wall and Sandwich walls.

Double wall

Settings made in the Unitechnik that only affaects Double wall elements.


Settings made in the Unitechnik that only affects Form Slab elements.


  • Primary and secondary rc in STEELMAT

  • Exclude Girders
  • Check girders in STEELMAT, with this setting set to yes the Girders will be checked an redmarked as you can see in the example movie beloww.
    GirderOutsideSteelmat.gifMovie 1, Girders outside steelmat warning


The Unitechnik file format has a limitation in X, Y coordinates. When exporting to Unitechnik 5.2 format, it is very important to note that negative coordinates are not supported in Unitechnik 5.2. If the insertion points for the elements are in negative X or Y coordinates, a transformation has to be carried out. Say that your outer negative value in Y is - 100000, in order to export a useful value in Unitechnik 5.2, you will need to select Offset y [mm] = -200000. The operation that is then carried out before exporting is then Y = -100000-(-200000) = 100000. This value is positive and exported.


Figure 3, Model offset settings

Another important limitation of the supported formats is the limited range of the format, for Unitechnik 5.2, this is [0, 999999] and for 6.0 this is [-999999, 999999].

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