Apple Business Manager

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2022/10/27 07:38

From IMPACT Go 17 and forward is it necessary to have an Apple Business Manager account to get the IMPACT Go on Apple devices.

The reason for this is that apple sees IMPACT Go as small of an application to have in the app store (This is out of our hands).

To create an Apple Business Manager account go to and click on the "Enroll now".


Figure 1:  - Enroll now.

This will lead you to an Enrollment procedure from Apple. A guide on how to do this can be found on


Figure 2: Enroll Your Organization - User Creation.

When the Apple Business Manager Account is created is it time to connect the IMPACT Go so the application can be distributed to different mobile devices.

Before the IMPACT Go can be connected is it necessary to send your Organization Name and ID to SturSoft and Enable Custom Apps.

To find the "Enrollment Information" click on the profile at the bottom and choose "Preferences".


Figure 3: User Profile - Preferences.

In the Preferences choose "Enrollment Information" (2), and find the Organization Name and ID (3) - This information should be sent to StruSoft. After the Organization Name and ID have been sent enable the Custom Apps (4).


Figure 4: User Profile - Enrollment Information.

After StruSoft has received the Organization Name and ID will StruSoft allow the Organization to get the IMPACT Go.

IMPACT Go should thereafter be available under Custom Apps - where it's possible to "Buy" it for 0 SEK.


Figure 5: Custom Apps - IMPACT Go.

There are two types of licenses - Redemption Codes & Managed Licenses.

Managed Licenses

This type of license will add the licenses to a location where the licenses can be pushed out on Apple devices by the Apple Business manager.


Figure 6: Licenses - Managed.

Redemption Codes

This type of license generates a code that can be distributed to the users. The user should manually activate the code to get IMPACT Go.


Figure 7: Licenses - Redemption Codes.

After "Buying" the licenses is it possible to click on Download to get an excel document with the codes.


Figure 8: Excel- Redemption Codes.

In the Excel sheet is it possible to see the number of licenses, how many are in use, and the code and a link to get the IMPACT Go.

After the code has been redeemed is it possible to use IMPACT Go on the device. The device with the redeemed code will also get the IMPACT Go updates automatically (Like a normal app from the app store).