How to set up the Appel Business Manager Account

Last modified by Dennis Knudsen on 2022/07/04 09:46

To be able to use IMPACT Go 17 on iPhone or Ipad is it necessary to have an Appel Business Manager Account. The reason for this is that IMPACT Go 17 has been moved into the "Private distribution Category". 

We recommend that the Appel Business Manager Account is set up and handled by the IT department - So they manage the account and the distribution of the application keys.

NOTE: Setting up an Appel Business Manager Account is not something that StruSoft can help with - If help is needed contact Apple Support. The local number can be found on this page: Apple Support

To set up the Appel Business Manager Account start by going to Apple Business Manager - and clicking on "Enroll now".


To be able to create an Apple Business account is it necessary to fill in a form that will be verified by Apple. This form includes a D-U-N-S number - More information about this can be found here.

Fill in the information and finish with Continue and Submit.



The Enroll is now submitted and the Verification can take up to 5 days.



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