"USECIMSIZEFORELEMENTEXTENTS" which controls whether the size values of a CIM or the size of the CIM's block reference should be used for calculating element extensions.

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2021/06/14 13:28

New variable "USECIMSIZEFORELEMENTEXTENTS", on/off 1/0, default 1.

When the setting is on the application uses the size values of the cast-in materials to calculate the extension of the elements.

When the setting is off the application uses the block reference size of the cast-in materials to calculate the extension of the elements.

By using the size values instead of the block references the performance could be improved.

Example with a fastening plate:

A fastening plate placed so it sticks out 68 mm in front. (picture 1)

In the cast-in material definition, it is written 20 mm. (picture 2) 

Example of the IMPACT default setting:


The variable is not used "USECIMSIZEFORELEMENTEXTENTS" which means it is by default 1 and it will show what is set in the definition. (picture 3) 

Example with a user default setting:


The variable is now set to 0 and a change is made to the wall (changed the height), now it is showing 68 mm (picture 4)