Auto add corbels on to walls and columns

Last modified by Oskar Kristinsson on 2020/08/25 12:22

There's a new possibility to draw corbels by selecting the "connection" elements such as walls, slabs, beams, and columns.


The command iterates selected beams and slabs and try to add appropriate corbels to the selected walls and columns, all added corbels are of type "Single".

After selecting the elements the dialog for the corbel properties is displayed and some properties that are automatically calculated (elevation, side, ...) are either invisible or disabled.


The width ("W") of the corbel can be set in three different ways:


"Fixed" where the user can specify a value.

"By element" where the width is equal to the size of the element side it's placed on.

"By element intersection" where the width is the common or shared length of the two connecting elements, see picture below for a sample with a hollow core and a wall.


Before corbels are added the user can also specify the gap between the element and the corbel.

Sample movies: