Version 16.0.029

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2023/01/31 16:06


Fix: Changing RC Quality on FormSlab for Minimum AS when missing Reinforcement Quality on shop drawing gives wrong AS. (Case 124274)

Fix: Doors in DoubleWalls are not correctly represented when elements are generated as IFC. (Case 123934)

Fix: Special case where gable walls couldn't be generated. (Case 124268)

Fix: Special case where the MEP-key dimension id was incorrect in the table of CIM. (Case 123978)

Fix: Dynamic CIM is rotated when adding it to a rotated formslab. (Case 123955)

Fix: Special case where "Generate Shop Drawings" didn't work properly. (Case 123559)

Fix: Requested area for reinforcement for formslabs disappears after running update shop drawing and update plan. (Case 123640)