Version 17.0.005

Last modified by Adam Carlson on 2023/01/31 16:17


Fix: Changing RC Quality on FormSlab for Minimum AS when missing Reinforcement Quality on shop drawing gives wrong AS. (Case 124274)

Fix: Doors in DoubleWalls are not correctly represented when elements are generated as IFC. (Case 123934)

Fix: Special case where gable walls couldn't be generated. (Case 124268)

Fix: Special case where the MEP-key dimension id was incorrect in the table of CIM. (Case 123978)

Fix: Dynamic CIM is rotated when adding it to a rotated formslab. (Case 123955)

Fix: Special case where "Generate Shop Drawings" didn't work properly. (Case 123559)

Fix: Requested area for reinforcement for formslabs disappears after running update shop drawing and update plan. (Case 123640)

Fix: Special case for solid wall where an endcap without elevation points in opening with same endcaps on all sides resulted in misplacement of the endcap text and the dimensions. (Case 124414)

Fix: Special case where endcap corner in a sandwich wall wasn't modeled correctly. (Case 123743)

Fix: Endcap with material was shown incorrectly in the section. (Case 123800)

Fix: Missing layer for formSlab endstop text resulted in crash when generating plan on empty drawing. (Case 124471)

Fix: Edit formslab on shop drawing and change the reinforcement misplace the reinforcement in the mesh view when it's redrawn. (Case 124484)

Fix: On the shop drawing the MTO tables are not refilled when update shop drawing command is run for formslab and doublewall if the MTOALLICNLUDESSYMBOLS variable is set to 1. (Case 124485)

Fix: Draw recess with option 'Select objects' didn't ask the question if you wanted to keep the element mark. (Case 124490)