Clean up External References

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In almost all projects, there will be External References used (also known as "xref"). Since the External References could be created in another program than AutoCAD or created with special AutoCAD plugins, there is a high probability that they are filled with errors and Regapps. For errors, AutoCAD command "Audit" is used, which is basically just scans the drawing for errors and fixes them. Regapps, or Registered Applications, exists when different AutoCAD plugins were used when the External Reference was created. In these cases, a short code string is added to the dwg so that the drawing could be used with that plugin. When an IMPACT user is importing the External Reference to an IMPACT drawing, all these small code fragments can affect the performance negatively and also cause very strange problems. Because of these reasons, it is important that the user always clean up the External Reference before using it with an IMPACT drawing. Below is a guide on how to do this cleanup. 

How to clean up the External Reference

  1. Start with opening the dwg-file which includes the External Reference. 
  2. Now it is time for purging the Registered Applications (Regapps). Do this by typing "-PURGE" in the command line. Then click on "Reggaps" or type "R", just press "ENTER" when asked to enter names to purge, and answer "NO" (or type "N") when asked to verify each name to be purged.


  1. Now, purge all by typing "-PURGE" and click on "ALL" or type "A". Just press "ENTER" when asked to enter names to purge, and answer "NO" (or type "N") when asked to verify each name to be purged. 


  1. Type "PURGE" in the command line, and select "PURGE ALL". Continue clicking on "PURGE ALL" until the "PURGE ALL"-button is grayed out. 


  1. Type "AUDIT" at the command line, and answer "YES" or type "Y" when asked if AutoCAD should fix any errors detected. 


  1. Save the drawing. 

When these six steps are finished, one can use the External Reference for IMPACT drawings without any problems. 

If you like to find out more about this read the following article from Autodesk Knowledge Network.