Draw recess from element is now available in IMPACT for AutoCAD. This feature allows the user to automatically create recesses in elements, based on the geometry of other elements cutting through parts of the element.

This feature is available for Beams, Columns, Slabs, Hollow Cores, Walls and Sandwich Walls.


The "Draw Recess from Element" button, is located together with the Draw/Edit Recess/Filling buttons. Click this button to start the command.


Select the element you wish to subtract from. In this case this is the wall. - When selected, press Enter.


Now you are prompted to select the elements to subtract. This time choose the Double T´s. When selected press Enter. 


Now a pop-up box appears. Here you can input the settings you want for the recess. - There are options for extending to top/bottom, making the recess(es) into cutouts, an annotation for the dimension line on the shop-drawing etc. When you are done with the settings, press OK.


Now the new recess(es) will appear. If the element has already got an element mark, remember to save the element.



Figure 1: Double T´s creating Recess in Wall.

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