Connect shop drawing to element mark

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/05/04 17:16

Sometimes, one can get to the point where one has an element mark and a shop drawing for that element mark, but they are not connected. To solve this, one needs to connect the element mark and the drawing. Below one can find a guide to solve this. 


Figure 1: Both element mark and shop drawing exists, but they are not connected. 

Connect shop drawing to element mark

  1. Open the shop drawing. 
  2. Redraw the shop drawing with "Draw element". Then IMPACT asks the user to specify element mark.


           Figure 2: Specify element mark

  1. Hit enter and answer the questions for redrawing reinforcement views and update placing for lifts and bracings. Afterward, the shop drawing will be connected to the element mark.


           Figure 3: Shop drawing connected to the element mark