Cranes can be inserted and managed on plan drawings. It is possible to configure the load capacity of the crane for different distances. The capacity can be illustrated both in the drawing and in the Project Managers model view.


Crane definitions

You manage crane definitions in IMPACTs modules for AutoCAD or BricsCAD. Access the command by pressing the down-facing arrow next to the crane symbol and then select the option named cranes... as shown in the image below. 


Crane definitions are much like any other definition in IMPACT so the dialog should be somewhat familiar to most users. In the top of the dialog is a drop-down where you can choose from the three different levels in which you can store definitions in IMPACT (common, local or project...). If you're planning on editing, copying or creating definitions you should first select the proper level before making changes.

New crane definition

  1. Select the new... option in the definitions dialog to begin creating a new definition.
  2. Enter a name and a description for your crane.
  3. Add desired capacities by right-clicking in the grey table area and select the new option.
  4. Add a radius and matching capacity for your crane. Also chose a color to represent the radius when the crane is shown in the drawing.   
    The crane values for the capacity is absolute for the given radius. The program will not interpolate between two crane capacity values.

Draw crane

  1. Select the Draw crane... option to begin inserting a crane a floor plan.
  2. Chose the type (definition) of crane you want to place on the drawing and name it.
  3. Pick insertion point och manually enter the coordinates.
  4. Pick restricted phases. Phases in which the crane shouldn't be active.
  5. Pick restricted floors. Floors in which the crane shouldn't be active.

Nb! You can use the same crane definition for multiple location for instance for a mobile crane. Then maybe you can call the different locations like Mobile Crane 1 Location A, Mobile Crane 1 Location B and so on.

Show or hide cranes

Toggle crane visibility on the drawing using the Show cranes command. Observe that the crane is active even if it's hidden.

Check crane capacity against element mass

You can check crane capacity against element mass once a crane has been set up in the drawing. This is done using the command check Mass and Size, shown in the image belowNew elements, wheater they are drawn or inserted, will also automatically have their mass checked against the available cranes' capacities.


If an element is too heavy for the crane it will turn red and a warning will be displayed in the hover tooltip. This is shown in the animation below.


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