Find Component IMPACT for AutoCAD

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In IMPACT the user has the possibility to find components on a drawing. This can be useful when there is a lot of elements, or the user wants to select all components of one specific sort. 

Note: A similar tool can be found in IMPACT Project Manager


Figure 1: Find Component. Can also be found in menus for Formslab and Doublewall


Figure 2: Dialog for Find Component 

  1. Type of component - what component the user want to find
    • Definitions
    • Cast-in Materials
    • Endcaps
    • MEP-keys
    • Openings
  2. In what element type the component is placed - e.g. Wall or Sandwich
  3. The name of the component
  4. The user can choose to select the component in one, several or all the element marks that contains the specific component
  5. The user can select the components inside the element,
  6. or the elements that contain the components 


Find Cast-in Material 0343


Figure 3: CIM 0343

Find definition SW34


Figure 4: Definition SW34

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