License problem BricsCAD

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To be able to create IFC files in BricsCAD, one needs to have a BIM license. Sometimes, when activating the license, one can get issues with activating the profile for BIM (and also Mechanical). To solve this issue, one can follow the step by step guide below. 


Figure 1: Profiles for BIM and Mechanical not activated

Step by step guide to solve the problem

  1. Open any BricsCAD drawing. 
  2. Go to the command prompt. 
  3. Type: "USEBIM", and set it to value "2".
  4. Type: "USEMECHANICAL" and set it to value "2". 
  5. Type: "RUNASLEVEL" select "BricsCAD" and then select "Platinum" (Platinum is required for running BIM and Mechanical). 
  6. Close BricsCAD, and start it again. 
  7. Now, one should have the profiles BIM and Mechanical activated. 


Figure 2: Video of the step by step guide

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