Recommended AutoCAD settings

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Each computer running IMPACT for AutoCAD needs to have some options in AutoCAD configured in order for commands and functions to work properly. This article will cover how to set up a new profile in AutoCAD and configure it for use with IMPACT.

Create and enable a new profile for IMPACT

Start the AutoCAD version that you use with IMPACT and access the options dialog by typing OP and then select OPTIONS.
2017 04 12 15 11 29 Autodesk AutoCAD 2017   NOT FOR RESALE   [Drawing1.dwg]

Select the Profiles tab and add your new profile. Fill in name and description.
2017 04 12 11 30 11 Options  

Enable the profile by pressing the button Set Current. Make sure current profile is set to IMPACT. Changes made will now only affect this profile and if you want to reverse back to AutoCAD default settings for some reason you can easily do so by switching profile again.  
2017 04 12 11 35 39 Options  

Configure profile settings

Select the Selection tab and uncheck the box Show single grips on groups.
2017 04 12 11 38 58 Options

Select the display tab and uncheck Show rollover ToolTips and Create viewports in new layouts (If your IMPACT standard is configured to use layouts).
2017 04 12 14 53 49 Options  

Select the System tab and configure the layout regen option to Regen when switching layouts.
2017 04 12 14 57 22 Options

This step is a personal preference and an optional setting to use with IMPACT but considered recommended since the dialog is annoying. You should, however, be aware of what a proxy object is before turning the notification off. Select the Open and Save tab and uncheck Show Proxy Information dialog box.  
2017 04 12 14 58 22 Options

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