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1100 standard in StruSoft Installer

StruSoft provides a complete IMPACT Revit standard, which includes IMPACT definitions, XML files and Revit families. All the files in the standard are needed for IMPACT Revit design functionality commands. The standard is called 1100 and can be found in StruSoft Installer under each new release of IMPACT Revit. StruSoft makes four official releases annually, which means that the 1100 standard is updated four times in a year.  

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Figure 1 - IMPACT Revit standard in StruSoft Installer

Location on user´s machine

Unpack the file, once you download the IMPACT Revit standard zip file from StruSoft Installer. Make sure that you place your IMPACT Revit standard in the correct IMPACT folder on your machine. The 1100 standard must be placed under IMPACT Standard folder, as shown below. The user can choose between placing in 1100 Common level or 1101 Local level, depending on the company needs and workflow. 


Figure 2 - IMPACT Revit standard folder location on user´s machine

Remember, that Server Connect settings must point to the folder, containing the IMPACT Revit standard. A lot of modelling commands in the IMPACT Revit software are closely connected with files in the standard folder. Design functionalities will fail, if the user does not provide the right path to the standard. 


Figure 3 - Server Connect settings point to the IMPACT Revit standard folder location. 

Create a company standard

The 1100 standard is provided free of charge by StruSoft for all new users for the IMPACT Revit software. If you want to create your own company standard, the 1100 standard could be used as a base for creating a new. If you need help, creating your IMPACT Revit standard, StruSoft provides services for drawing Revit families and creating IMPACT definitions, that corresponds to your company needs. Contact us for more information. 


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