Activate "Use parameter mapping" settings

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/05/04 17:11


In order to avoid the activation of the "Use parameter mapping" settings from Revit every time when a new IMPACT project is created, it is now possible to control the setting from the IMPACT Standard Admin. 

The "Use parameter mapping" setting can be controlled via a variable in IMPACT Standard Admin found on the Common level. The variable name is "RVT_USE_PARAMETER_MAPPING". 

SA variable revit.png

Figure 1 - "Use parameter mapping" variable in IMPACT Standard Admin

If the variable value is set to 1 it means that the "Use parameter mapping" settings will be active in IMPACT for Revit. 

If the variable is set to 0, then the "Use parameter mapping" setting will be deactivated. 

It will also be possible to control the "Use parameter mapping" setting from the Project settings in IMPACT for Revit.