Version 16

Documented new features or changes introduced in service releases.

Version 16.0.013

Note! Requires IMPACT WebAPI and Security Server 16.0.014 or later. Deployed from IMPACT Service Configuration.

Released December 8th, 2020

Version 16.0.012  Q4/2020

Released November 26th, 2020 / Q4

See updates in the IMPACT Revit standard in IMPACT Revit Standard Log 

Note! Requires IMPACT WebAPI and Security Server 16.0.014 or later. Deployed from IMPACT Service Configuration.

Highlights of IMPACT Revit version 16.0.012


Double Wall 

Indicate Panel 1 when drawing Double Wall with the help of a direction profile setting. (case 92924) 

Show measurements between the Lattice Girders in Edit Lattice Girder command. (case 93426)

Improved Draw Double Wall window. Dynamic preview of Vertical gap and Priority. (case 92310)

Draw MEP key in Double Wall element. (case 92955)

Edit Panel Length command (case 93340)

Edit Panel Height command (case 93427)

Lattice Girders definitions (case 93606)


IMPACT will no longer trigger automatic synchronization with the central file after elements have been saved to the database. (Case 95735)

IMPACT Project related information will now be stored in the Revit project file. (Case 93865)

IMPACT will now automatically reload the latest model from Central File whensaving the element to the database. (Case 94241)

Shop Drawing  

Settings for Drawing name for element types, that are either definitions or families in the IMPACT database.  (case 70049)

´Show recess in hole specification on shop drawing´ option added to Draw Recess command. (case 90357)

´Show recess in hole specification on shop drawing´ option added to Draw Hole command. (case 90357)

Possibility in Shop Drawing to manually adjust the scheduling cell heights. (Case 95896)

Environmental parameters values inserted in Revit reflected in Project Manager and vice-versa. (Case 93346)


Reinforcement boundary for Slab endcaps. (case 92853)

Set default Reinforcement template in Slab definitions. (case 79388)

Deduct Cover, defined in Reinforcement template from the Reinforcement boundary, defined in the endcap definition. (case 92899)


Dynamic CIM definition and automatic parameter fulfillment from Dynamic CIM family. (Case 95790)

Confirmation of the pick face side in Draw corbel command. (Case 92750)

Save Parts Assembly as Linked element. (case 86019)

Version 16.0.009

Released September 28th, 2020

Version 16.0.008

Released September 22th, 2020

Version 16.0.007  Q3/2020

Released September 4th,  2020/Q3

Highlights of IMPACT Revit version 16.0.007 


Double Wall

Revit 2021 available for IMPACT 16.0 

Other Features

Reinforcement boundary. (Case 87618)

Settings for placing lifts in Walls. (Case 74928)

Edge settings for Draw & Edit Form Slab command. (Case 89004)

Draw Hole for Form Slabs with adding manually annotation values. (Case 84231)

Element mark setting for Form Slab. (Case 88556)

Multiple selections of objects for Draw Recess command. (Case 79521)

Save the gridlines from multiple Revit models in one IMPACT project. (Case 86304)

Slab endcap thickness. (Case 89666)

Project folder settings for IMPACT projects created from Revit file. (Case 70775) 

Map only selected families. (Case 89969)

Panel visibility of 3D view in Sandwich shop drawings. (Case 90747)

Reinforcement template for Prestressed slab. (Case 88906)

Copy & Move element in Z-direction. (Case 89595)

A new parameter that indicates Master instance of an assembly in the Revit model. (Case 90191)

Add rebar text in shop drawings for slabs, beams and columns. (Case 89076)

Add section - list of views. (Case 89948)

Pick face option for Draw Corbel command. (Case 87751)

Version 16.0.006

Released May 29th, 2020

Preview for Draw Hole (Case 84230)

Show Situ Concrete for Form Slab (Case 87705)

Circular Holes Specified in the Table of Holes (Case 84232)

Parameters for Product, Designation, and Group (Case 84112)

Columns, Beams, Hollowcore, and Linked elements are created as loadable families in IMPACT for Revit. To be able to add the same database information as for the rest of the element types, there are three new parameters created. Read more about them in the links below.

Copy Shop Drawing (Case 88228)

Shop Drawing Status (Case 88032)

Slab Endcap with Slope (Case 88113)

Specific Dimension Type for Cast-in Materials (Case 86661)

Edit Cast-in Material (Case 89019)

Secondary Geometry Dimensions for Form Slab (Case 86683)

Dimension Lines on One Side of the Element (Case 84110)

Cut Out for Draw Recess (Case 86780)

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