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1 = New =
3 New: Speed increased when saving elements. (Case 76177)
4 New: Column pick face confirmation in Draw Corbel dialogue window. (Case 92750)
6 = Fix =
8 Fix: Resolved issue where some rebars around openings were not tagged in sections. (Case 94191)
9 Fix: Resolved an issue where the IMPACT library had no content. (Case 94496)
10 Fix: Resolved an issue where Lifts and Recesses were changing the placement. (Case 95754)
11 Fix: Resolved an issue where an error occurred while Copying Shop drawing for TT elements. (Case 93781)
12 Fix: Resolved a special case where the Update Lift dialogue window would pop more than one time when the user has selected to "Apply to all the elements". (Case 95741)
13 Fix: Resolved a case where the phase of the newly created section view in Shop Drawing was different than the one for the element. (Case 97063
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