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Column Top parameters

Following six parameters are necessary in the column top family, in order to save the component successfully in the IMPACT database. 

column top.png

Figure 1. Column Top parameters

Name of parameter in Revit familyDescription
Start offset from center
CHeight on top
GNot applicable in IMPACT Revit
HNot applicable in IMPACT Revit 
aNot applicable in IMPACT Revit 
bNot applicable in IMPACT Revit

All parameters must be instance parameters.

See example below of a parameter properties of parameter D - Height in a column top family. 

column top_1.png

Figure 2. D parameter properties in Column Top family. 

StruSoft provides a free IMPACT Revit standard, where the user is able to see an example of Column Top family  ...\Revit_2019\modifiers\column_tops folder. 

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