Endcap dimension points

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2021/12/09 16:04

Endcap dimension points

In order to give total control upon the endcap dimensions when generating a Shop drawing, we are now introducing a new feature in IMPACT Revit. It is now possible to control which endcap points should be dimensioned when generating a Shop drawing. 

The endcap dimension points settings can be found in the Endcap definitions, and each endcap can have a different number of points depending on the endcap profile.

Endcap points in endcap definition.png

Figure 1 - Endcap points in endcap definition

  • Nbr

          Indicates the number of the dimension point - each endcap dimension point corresponds to a number. 

  • X

          This option enables the points and determines the placement of the endcap dimension in Shop drawing - in the X-direction. 

  • Y

          This option enables the points and determines the placement of the endcap dimension in Shop drawing - in the Y direction. 

To make it easier to work with this feature and have a better overview of which endcap point is selected, the endcap preview is dynamic so that the selection of an endcap point is immediately reflected in the preview. 

Endcap points - dynamic preview.gif

Figure 2 - Endcap dimension points dynamic preview

In order to be able to generate a Shop drawing with the specified endcap dimension points, it is important that one needs to activate the Secondary geometry dimension line for the drawing view where it's wanted to be placed, from the Shop drawing template. 

Secondary geometry - SD template.png

Figure 3 - Secondary geometry in Shop drawing template


In this example, we will activate two endcap dimensions in the Y direction and we will generate a Shop drawing. 

The endcap is inserted on the left/right side of the element. This means that this endcap is properly seen from in Top view when generating the Shop drawing. Remember that the secondary geometry for the Top view needs to be activated before generating the Shop drawing. 

Example - Endcap dimension in endcap defintion.png

Figure 4 - Endcap dimension settings before generating Shop drawing

Endcap dimensioned according to the endcap point settings.png

Figure 5 - Endcap points dimensioned in Shop drawing