Multiple endcaps for Solid Slabs

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2021/12/03 13:07

Multiple endcaps for Solid Slabs

In IMPACT for Revit, it is now possible to apply multiple endcaps for one edge Solid slabs. The new functionality provides flexibility for the user when drawing solid slabs for balconies and such.

To be able to insert multiple endcaps in one of the solid slab edges, the user must draw in advance the lines that will define the endcap boundary.

Multiple endcaps - endcap boundary.png

Figure 1 - Lines for endcap boundaries 

To insert multiple endcaps for one of the edges, the slab must be edited. In the Edit Slab dialogue window, press on Insert button, select the slab edge to split and then pick the point on the selected edge.

The solid slab preview is dynamic and user is continuously updated with the changes made.

Multiple endcaps for one edge.gif

Figure 2 - Inserting multiple endcaps for Solid Slab