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Opening definitios

It is now possible in IMPACT for Revit to create opening definitions for walls and draw them in the model.

Opening definitions.png

Figure 1 – Opening definitions in IMPACT for Revit

In the Opening definitions dialogue window, user can select the level and for which element type should the opening be created or imported. The selection can be made between the following walls: solid, sandwich and insulated.

Opening definitions wall type.png

Figure 2 - Wall type in Opening definitions 

Start creating a new opening definition by giving it a name and description.

Opening definitions new.png

Figure 3 - Opening name and description 

A new dialogue window pops up and here is where the opening is defined.

In the General section, it can be selected the opening type and be defined the width and height. If the project requires an opening with arch, then the radius at the top edge can be inserted.

In the Endcaps section, are selected the endcaps that fit the project. Endcap can be added to the top, bottom, left and right edge.

The production code section is for the IMPACT Cost Estimation users. Here you can type a production code and then add a price for this code in Cost Estimation.

In the Cast in material section, user can select the cast in material and decide how many pieces will be inserted.

Opening definitions with values.png

Figure 4 - Window opening definition 

Draw opening

In IMPACT for Revit, the draw opening command can be found in the drop-down menu from the Elements section.

Draw opening.png

Figure 5 - Draw opening in IMPACT Revit 

In the Draw opening dialogue window, can be selected the element type and the opening that fits the project. In the opening drop-down menu, all the endcaps from all the levels will be shown according to the selected element type.

If a new opening definition is needed, then user can press the three dots which will allow him to create and use a new one. The newly created opening definitions can be seen immediately in the opening drop-down menu.

draw opening for solid wall.gif

Figure 6 - Drawing opening in IMPACT Revit