Create new IMPACT project

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Create new IMPACT Project

Steps to create new project in Revit:

1. Once opened Revit project, save it locally on your computer or server: Simply clicking on Revit icon "R" and clicking "Save". Alternatively, click Ctrl + S.  

2018-11-27 15_40_23-Window.png

Save file locally in your desired location for further project creation steps.

Tip: Under Revit main icon, user can set default file saving location in "options" menu. 

2. Under IMPACT tab, group "Project", find function "New Project". Fill in the dialogue for database connection information. 


Tip: practically it is easier to make all grids, levels and phases in Revit, before linking the project with the database. Then the dialogue appears with the following information requirements: 


Now the project is linked with the database and Revit file stored locally as a working tool. You can see this project in Project Manager or start working.

Tip: it is recommended to fill in the dialogue information in "New IMPACT project" or your own (evt. IMPACT) standard cover sheet. This information is shared in the file and stored under "Project Information". So if you have a text label in the production drawing saying "Building", already filled information appears automatically from shared parameter file. 


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