Draw Recess

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Draw Recess

This command is used to insert recess in the elements.

There are two ways to do it:

  1. By using standard predefined Rectangular or Circular recess families. 

By using this way, the designer needs to pick required measures from the list, whether that is a rectangular or circular shape and then specify the depth of the recess.


Figure 1: Draw Recess - Standard.

  1. User-defined, where the user manually draws geometry of the recess by model lines on the element.

By using user-defined recess, the designer needs to manually draw recess shape on the element by using Revit "model lines". Then open Draw Recess function and select "User Defined". Afterwards, pick the face of the element on which recess shape has been drawn and select it. To finish, specify desired Depth and click "OK".


Figure 2: Draw Recess - User Defined.

Annotation text for recesses

In IMPACT 17 for Revit, we added two new fields for "Annotation text" in the draw recess command where user can specify details about the recess and can be further seen in the Shop drawing schedule. 

This new feature is available for standard recesses and also for user defined recesses. 

Annotation text fields in draw recess.png

Figure 3 - Annotation text in draw recess command

In the first field, user can choose between the side values that are specified in IMPACT Standard Admin.

Annotation text - side values.png

Figure 4 - Annotation text side values in Draw recess command

The values in annotation text are taken form the following variables in IMPACT Standard Admin. These values are customizable and can be named according to your company standard agreement. 


In the second field, user can type any text is needed. 

Custom text annotation.png

Figure 5 - Custom annotation text in draw recess command

Once the side or custom annotation text is specified in draw recess command, this can be seen after the recess has be drawn and then selected. We have two new parameters where the side and costum annotation text values can be seen: IMPACT Recess Annotation Side and IMPACT Recess Annotation Text. 

Recess - Annotation parameters.png

Figure 6- IMPACT Recess Annotation Side and IMPACT Recess Annotation Text parameters

Once the values are added, user can generate Shop drawing and see the IMPACT Annotation Side and IMPACT Annotation Text values in schedule. 

Annotation text and side in SD.png

Figure 7 - IMPACT Annotation Side and IMPACT Annotation Text in Shop drawing schedule

Cut Out for Draw Recess

The "Draw Recess" command is now improved. It is possible to decide if the recess should have a predefined depth or if it should cut out the whole element. The cut-out works for both standard and user-defined recesses. 


Figure 8: The all-new cut-out setting in "Draw Recess" command

Show in hole specification

By using this function we can decide whether we want to include drawn recess into our shop drawing opening schedule or not.


Figure 9: "Show in hole specification on shop drawing" Command.

Later we can trigger that setting in Recess family properties, which is called MTO.


Figure 10: "Show in hole specification on shop drawing" MTO trigger in Recess Family.

Multiple Recesses

It is now possible to apply multiple recesses to the element by picking Recess Lines.

multiple recesses.gif

Figure 11: Applying multiple recesses by model lines at the same time.


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