Lattice Girders definition

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Lattice Girders definition is a command where the user can create new definitions, edit existing ones and also import/export new definitions into the project. Lattice Girders definition can be found in IMPACT -> Components tab. 

Lattice Girder definitions are used both in Form Slab and Double Wall elements. 


Figure 1. Lattice Girder Definitions in IMPACT Revit

Edit Lattice Girder definition

To edit a Lattice Girder definition go to IMPACT ->Components tab -> Lattice Girder definitions. 

Select a definition from Common, Local or Project level and press on Edit. Lattice Girder definition window opens where the following parameters can be controlled by the user: 


Figure 2. Edit Lattice Girder defintiion. 

A-Height[mm]:                               Specify the height of the Lattice Girder

B-Width[mm]:                                Specify the width of the Lattice Girder

C-Spacing bar[mm]:                     Specify the spacing between the diagonal bars

Dimension top flange[mm]:         Specify the dimension of the top flange

Dimension bottom flange[mm]:  Specify the dimension of the bottom flange

Dimension diagonal [mm]:          Specify the dimension of the diagonal bar

Mass (kg/m): 

Length interval[mm]:                   Specify the length of the interval for Lattice Girder


MTO:                                              Specify the Material Take Off (Total Length or Unit Length)

Minumum Length[mm]:

Maximum Length[mm]:

lattice girder explain.png

Figure 2. Lattice Girder family

In order to connect the Lattice girder family with the Lattice Girder definition take a look at the described workflow in the article here 

Currently, IMPACT Revit operates with LatticeGirderSingle and LatticeGirderDouble Revit families, which can be found in 1100 StruSoft standard. 

Map LatticeGirderSingle and LatticeGirderDouble Revit families with the Lattice Girders definitions, if you work in the 1100 StruSoft standard or copy-paste the two families in your own IMPACT company standard. See the picture below, where the location of the Lattice Girder families is shown in the IMPACT standard folder structure. 


Figure 3. Location of Lattice Girder families in the IMPACT standard folder structure.