Draw hole in Double wall

Last modified by Catalin Turluc on 2024/05/10 13:40


There is a new functionality of the Draw opening command when inserting Rectangular hole in Double walls. It is now possible to decide if the Rectangular hole should cut out the element or to specify the depth. 

rectangular hole settings in Draw opening for double walls.png

Figure 1 - Hole depth and cut out options for Rectangular hole in Draw opening command

Rectangular hole inserted by specifying the hole depth

In this example we have drawn a Double wall with a total thickness of 200mm. We are inserting a rectangular hole by specifying a hole depth of 50mm. Given the fact that one Double wall panel has a thickness of 50mm, the rectangular hole is inserted only in one panel. 

rectangular hole inserted with 50mm hole depth.png

Figure 2 - Rectangular hole inserted with 50mm hole depth

Rectangular hole inserted by using cut out option

In this example we are inserting a Rectangular hole by using the cut out option, meaning that the hole will be inserted in both panels of the Double wall. 

rectangular hole inserted using cut out option.png

Figure 3 - Rectangular hole cutting both panels