Edit Panel Length

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/08/30 14:50

Edit Panel Length of a Double Wall element

Edit Panel Length is a command, used for extending/reducing the length of the Double wall panels. The user can edit Panel 1, Panel 2 or both panels in the Double wall element. The new panel geometry is defined by selecting a point, to which the panel(s) will be extended or reduced. 

Go to IMPACT -> Double Wall falling menu -> Edit Panel Length command. You will be asked to select a panel, which will be edited. Once the panel is selected, it will be marked with yellow and the user will see a pop-up window, where the selected panel will be marked in a rectangular as well. It is possible to use Edit Panel Length command in a plan, elevation and 3D view in the Revit model. 


Figure 1. Edit Panel Length command in Double wall falling menu. 

Once the panel is selected, define the new panel length by clicking on a point in the element. Once the user presses on OK, the selected panel(s) will be edited according to the selected point by the user. Take a look at the video below, where the length of Panel 2 is edited. 


Figure 2. Panel 2 in the Double wall element is editted via Edit Panel Length command.