MEP key in Double Walls

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/08/30 14:51

Draw MEP key in Double Wall element

The user has the possibility to draw an MEP key in a Double Wall element in IMPACT Revit. 

Firstly, go to IMPACT -> MEP keys. An MEP key definitions window pops up, where the user can see available MEP key definitions at Common, Local and Project level in the IMPACT database. Create or edit an existing MEP key definition that will be drawn in the Double Wall element.

See the picture below, where MEP key definitions in Common level are displayed. 


Figure 1. MEP key definitions in IMPACT. 

Secondly, press on Draw MEP key command and select an MEP key definition to be drawn.  Choose the placement of the MEP key in the Double Wall element and finish the command by pressing ESC on the keyboard. The MEP key will be inserted in the Double Wall.

Take a look at the demonstration video below. 

draw mep.gif

Figure 2. Draw MEP key in IMPACT.