Switch Panels

Last modified by superadmin on 2021/08/30 14:49

Switch Panels command will switch the placing Panel 1 and Panel 2, together with all components that belong to them. Moreover the user will be asked whether the reinforcement properties should be switched along with the panels. 

Find the command by going to IMPACT tab-> Double Wall falling menu -> Switch Panels. Then simply select the wall and choose whether the reinforcement properties should be switched too. Afterward, panels will be switched together with all belonging element components. 

Notice that, by default, bracings and Lattice girders are attached to panel 1. Panel 1 is also the panel, where the element mark is placed in Double Walls. If Double girder support is used, the girders will be switched as well, so that double girder support are always anchored in panel 1.  

See a demonstration of the functionality in the video below. 


Figure 1.  Switch Panel command.