Draw Corbel

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Draw Corbel command

Draw Corbel is a new command available in IMPACT Revit which gives the user the possibility to add Corbel to the structural model by only selecting the Column. With the new Draw Corbel command in IMPACT Revit, the user has now total control of the Corbel's geometry, placement and Cast-in-material. The Draw Corbel command can be used to add Corbel to the Column in any of the following Project views: Plan, Section, Elevation, 3D. The new command in IMPACT Revit can be found in the falling menu under Components tab. 

Draw corbel in IMPACT.png

Figure 1 - Draw Corbel command in IMPACT Revit 

1. First step to add Corbel to the structural model using Draw Corbel command is to draw the Column elements. The Draw Column command in IMPACT Revit can be found in Elements tab. 

draw column in IMPACT.png

Figure 2 - Draw Column command in IMPACT Revit 

2. After the Columns have been drawn go to Components tab and under the falling menu select Draw Corbel. 

Figure 3.png

Figure 3 - Draw Corbel command under falling menu 

3. Now it's time to select the Columns that need to be inserted the Corbels. User can select multiple Columns since the Draw Corbel command gives the possibility to add Corbels for all the elements at the same time. 

Figure 4 wiki .gif

Figure 4 - Multiple Column selection 

4. Next step is to configure the Corbel in Draw Corbel dialogue window. Select the Corbel family and type from Corbel section.  

figure 5.png  

Figure 5 - Corbel family and type selection in Draw Corbel dialogue window 

5. In the Geometry section, the user can configure the Corbel according to the project. The preview in the Draw Corbel dialogue is used as a guide while changing Corbel's parameters. Type values for L, H2 and H3 that fits your project. 

figure 6.png

Figure 6 - Geometry parameters and preview 

6. In the Geometry section user has two different options to define the Corbel's width: By element where the Corbel is added according to the Column width and Fixed where the user can type values according to the project needs. Select one of the options from the Width falling menu. 

figure 7.png

Figure 7 - Width falling menu in Draw Corbel command 

7. Next step is to choose the Column side where the Corbel will be inserted. Check one or more of the side thick boxes according to your project or enable the "User defined" option to Pick a face of the column. 

figure 8.png

Figure 8 - Side selection where the corbel will be inserted 

8. Select Cast-in-material from falling menu. If there is no need to insert Cast-in-material in Corbel then select None. 

figure 9.png

Figure 9 - Cast-in-material selection in Draw Corbel command 

9. Last step is to set-up the elevation where the Corbel will be inserted. Type any value that fits your project and hit the OK button. 

figure 10.png

Figure 10 - Elevation set-up in Draw Corbel command 

Draw corbel command .gif

Figure 11 - Draw Corbel command workflow