Draw Hole in Form Slab

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Draw Hole in Form Slab

Draw Hole is a command updated and improved in IMPACT Revit, version 16.0.007. Now, the user can modify the hole boundary dimensions while in sketch mode. Also, it is possible to draw multiple holes at the same time. Using the Draw Hole function, the user will save time and work more efficiently.

Draw hole command in IMPACT 16.png

Figure 1 - Draw Hole command in IMPACT 16 

Steps to Draw hole in IMPACT 16 

1.The first step is to draw Form Slabs or Prestressed Form Slabs by using one of the five options available (Draw by Pick Floor, Pick Model Lines, Draw Rectangle, Pick Point in Closed Area or by Pick Points). In this example, we will use Form Slabs. 

Draw form slab command in IMPACT 16.png

Figure 2 - Draw Form Slab dialogue window 

2. The Draw Hole command also allows the user to insert End Stops. To configure the End Stops, go to Elements section and under Slabs falling menu select End Stops definitions. Once this is done, either create a new End Stop definition or import from the database. 

Endstop definitions.png

Figure 3 - End Stops definitions in IMPACT 16 

3. The next step is to load the End Stop families and assign them to your End Stop definition. The families are to be loaded from the following path in your Project folder: C:\IMPACT 16\Project\1101\PROJECTNAME\components\cast_in_materials\Revit_2020. 

Endstop families.png

Figure 4 - End Stop definitions and families in IMPACT 16 

4. Now we are ready to draw holes using Draw Hole command. User can draw the holes by Draw Objects or by Select Objects. Drawing the holes by using Draw Objects, the user has the possibility to change the boundary dimensions while in sketch mode. Go to Draw hole command and select Draw Objects. Then draw the hole boundaries and adjust them according to your project. After this, if necessary, select the End Stop which will be inserted together with the hole. Once this is done, press on Finish and then OK to complete the command.

Draw hole - command and draw.gif

Figure 5 - Draw holes with End stops by using Draw objects  

Tip: Switch the view to Wireframe for better visualization of the hole boundaries.  

5. To draw the holes by using Select-Object, user must have drawn in advance the hole boundaries. To draw the hole boundaries, go to Architecture tab and select Model Lines. After this is done, start the Draw Hole command, press on Select Objects and select the hole boundaries. Press on Finish button above properties and then select the End stop if necessary. To complete the command, while in Draw Hole dialogue window, press on Finish and then OK. 

Draw hole - by Select Objects .gif

Figure 6 - Draw holes with End stops by using Select Objects 

Tip: To select the Model Lines user can use the shortcut by pressing LI 

Show in hole specification

By using this function we can decide whether we want to include drawn hole into our shop drawing opening schedule or not.


Figure 7 - "Show in hole specification on shop drawing" Command.

Later we can trigger that setting in Recess family properties, which is called MTO.


Figure 8 - "Show in hole specification on shop drawing" MTO trigger in Recess Family.

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