Draw Hole in Form Slab

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IMPACT Revit version 15.0.010

Draw Hole in Form Slab

Draw Hole is a command updated and improved in IMPACT Revit, version 15.0.010. Now the user can draw multiple holes in one element or multiple ones at the same time. This function allows the user to save time and work more efficiently.

2018-12-10 09_54_36-Window.png


Guideline for Draw Hole command

1.The first step is to to draw Form Slabs by using one of the four options available (Draw by Pick Floor, Pick Model Lines, Draw Rectangle or by Pick Point in Closed Area)

pick by closed area.png

2.The second step is to go to Architecture view and choose Model line command from Revit. With the model line command the user can begin to draw the hole shapes on the previously drawn form slabs.

model line.png

Tip: Enable Wireframe visual style in order to see the shapes drawn with model lines.

3.The thirds step is to draw the holes with Draw Hole command from IMPACT Revit. 

Go to IMPACT view and from the falling menu under Draw Slab command choose Draw Hole function. The user is able to draw hole by Select Object or by Pick Points, also end stop can be added and lattice girders can be cut while performing the command.

draw hole.gif

Edit Hole command is available in IMPACT Revit. Holes drawn with Draw Hole command can be edited later on.

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