Edit Boundary

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IMPACT Revit version 15.0.010

Edit Boundary

Edit boundary is a new feature in IMPACT Revit, which allows the user save time and work more efficiently. Edit boundary function is available for: Hollow core, Slab, Form Slab and Prestressed Form Slab. By using Edit boundary command the user is able to edit and modify slabs after they are already drawn.

edit boundary 2.png

Figure 1. Edit Boundary

Guideline for Edit Boundary

1.The first step of using the new Edit Boundary function is to draw a Form Slab by using the Draw Form Slab command in IMPACT Revit. The function is compatible with slabs drawn by Pick Floor, Pick Model Lines, Draw Rectangle and Pick Point in Closed Area.

first step.png

Figure 2. Draw Form Slab

2. After the Form Slab is drawn go to IMPACT view and select the Edit Boundary command in the falling menu under Draw Slab function. The software will indicate the steps, which the user will have to do in order to execute the command. The user will have to select the Form Slab and then by pressing Tab will select the boundary line, which can be extended or reduced. To finish the command the user will select Okay or to cancel it will select Cancel.

edit boundary2.gif