Element Designation

Last modified by Linus Karlsson on 2021/12/16 16:18

What is Element Designation?

IMPACT Element Designation can be previewed in the IMPACT shop drawing.  

IMPACT Element Designation is a value that is formed by the following formula: 

IMPACT Designation prefix for current element +  the element width in cm + “/” +  the element height in cm.

For example WP 20/ 240

IMPACT Designation prefix is set either in the element family (Beams, Columns, Hollow cores and Linked) or in the element definition (Walls, Slabs & Form slabs). See IMPACT Designation prefix in IMPACT Element parameters article. 4.jpg

Figure 1 - Element Designation in the shop drawing head.  

Element Designation in the shop drawing

In order to add the IMPACT Element Designation parameter, open the title block family in the shop drawing template. 

Afterward, edit a label and assign the IMPACT Element Designation parameter to the label. 

Next time a shop drawing is generated, the IMPACT Element Designation will be displayed in the drawing head as shown in the start of the article above. 


Figure 2 - IMPACT Element Designation label in the shop drawing head family.