All you need to know about Revit

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Introduction to Revit

Revit work interface

Revit is a software which is design to work on architectural, structural and MEP concepts by linking them together. The program is run by BIM, all views are connected to one 3D platform - that means that changes instantly appear in all the rest views. In this chapter, some important aspects regarding AutoDesk Revit will be mentioned, just to have a general idea of Revit. 

  • Work Area:

Where are information can be gathered in changed by working on one of the windows. Several windows should be opened in order to effectively work in 3D and notice every change in every view.

work view.png

  • Functions / Tabs:

All work is performed using different tabs (organized by type of functions). By using functions, different families in the project are changed, resized, applied etc. functions.png

  • Properties:

As mentioned before, the project consists of families loaded into the file. All families can be edited in Family editor view or main parameters are being edited in Properties Window. Having in mind sizes, levels, length, phase, material etc.


  • Project Browser:

All families, floors, levels and elevations - basically, the whole project data is placed under Project Browser. From where any view can be opened.

project browser.png

  • Preview, share and filters

Preview tools are used to configure a suitable work view. Worksharing tab allows switching between worksets. Layers and filter part allows to filter out, pin or layer families.


Family concept

Interface concept of the program itself was presented. This section will tell more about the initial Revit working system. As mentioned, all projects consist of families loaded. Many families with different types can be created. Each family contains parameters that are set to be loaded into the project and display various information (which can come either automatically and manually). Below the family is displayed: 


This is one of IMPACT families window "RB beam". First 3D concept was created using different views from Project Browser. Then parameters like "length", "width" etc. were created and assigned to reference lines together with measure lines. Then types for one element are created with different values (for example 1 beam of 3000mm, 2 beam of 3500mm). Then family can be loaded into the project with above dynamic and static parameters. 


As all the elements in IMPACT standard are organized, different families can be found under assigned folders (as they are linked with program script). If a new family is about to be created, the standard folder is provided with several templates to do so. Templates for families can be found under ...Revit\templates\Family templates

2018-12-19 09_26_53-Family templates.png

Mission: make Revit powerful

As a program alone, Revit is not powerful enough to deal with precast projects. StruSoft is an add-in with an extended library which allows speeding, expanding make Revit powerful to deal with large precast projects even with work sharing. IMPACT Revit provides users with an ongoing update of element library and functions. All StruSoft programs are able to be linked together, assuring that BIM runs in every design and production company. 

what is a.png


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