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Create new IMPACT project

1. Open an existing Revit file or make a new one via New... function in Revit. Choose IMPACT Project Template.

See where to find IMPACT project template in IMPACT 15 and IMPACT 16 folder structure here. 

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Figure 1.  Create new Revit file with IMPACT Project Template. 

2. Once the Revit file is opened, go to IMPACT tab and press on New Project. 


Figure 2.  New Project function in IMPACT. 

3. An New IMPACT Project window opens. Fill in the project number and control the settings for IMPACT Common and Local standard. 

Fill in any additional parameter that might be necessary in the IMPACT project. It is recommendable to review and link all grids, levels and phases in Revit, before creating the IMPACT project in the database. Press on Create & Link. 


Figure 3.  New IMPACT Project window. 

Now the project is created in the IMPACT database. You can preview the IMPACT project in Project Manager and start working.

Project Folder Settings

In the tab Project Folder Settings, the user has the possibility to decide the project folder placement in the IMPACT folder structure.

The project folder path will be displayed in the lowest left corner of New IMPACT Project window. The project folder path is dynamic text and it will update according to the project folder settings. 


Figure 4.  Project Folder Settings and Project Folder Path.  

Note that is it possible to create a new IMPACT project both from IMPACT Revit and the IMPACT Project Manager. Therefore the same Project Folder settings can also be found in the IMPACT Project Manager. 


Figure 5.  Project Folder Settings in IMPACT Project Manager and IMPACT Revit.  

The user does not need to edit the Project Folder settings each time a new project is created. The Project Folder settings can be controlled by IMPACT Standard Admin. This means that once the Project Folder Settings are made in the IMPACT Standard Admin, they most probably do not need to be changed.


Figure 6.  Project Folder Settings in IMPACT Standard Admin. 

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