Steps for installing IMPACT Revit

Last modified by Nikolaj Stephansen on 2022/11/14 12:11

Steps for installing IMPACT Revit

1. Install Revit on the user's computer.

    IMPACT Revit supports Revit 2020 to 2023.

Note: StruSoft recommends Revit 2023

2. Place the IMPACT Revit standard under the IMPACT Standard folder, as shown on the picture below.

installing impact revit.png

    IMPACT Revit standard can be downloaded from StruSoft Installers.


3.  Download IMPACT Revit from StruSoft Installer.

Choose IMPACT Revit version according to the Revit version, installed on the user's PC. For instance, Revit 2019 15.0 must be used if the user works with projects, created in Revit 2019.


4.  Once IMPACT Revit is installed, it is time to make adjustment to standards file paths Options. Open Revit and go to Options under File tab. Please see the picture below.


Add the IMPACT standars project template and move it to the top of the list, as shown below.

IMPACT standars project template can be found at the following file path in IMPACT Revit standard folder...\IMPACT15\Standard\1101\1101\Revit_2019\templates