IMPACT parameters for CIM families will help you connect the Revit CIM family  with the IMPACT database. IMPACT parameters will be displayed on the shop drawings, Project Manager, Standard Admin and will help you integrate the Revit CIM within the IMPACT project. 

Necessary parameters

There are some parameters that are necessary in the Revit family in order to make the CIM  work with the IMPACT BIM system and in order to fully utilize the possibilities of the IMPACT drawing. In the article below, we describe each one of them. 


There are different types of CIM defined in the IMPACT database. IMPACT CIM Type parameter is used to identify different types of Cast in Materials, available in the IMPACT database.

The user is allowed to choose a type from the list with CIM types below.  If the type of the CIM can not be defined, the user is advised to choose value ´´M´´ for Manual type. 

IMPACT CIM type.png

Figure 1 - IMPACT CIM Type parameter


Figure 2 - Name of IMPACT CIM Type parameter


This is a parameter that marks the CIM with a number in the IMPACT database. The same CIM number can be found in IMPACT Standard Admin and CIM definitions in IMPACT AutoCAD. 

IMPACT CIM Mark is the parameter that a user must use to make a connection between Revit CIM family and AutoCAD CIM block. If the element is saved in IMPACT Revit and later on generated in an IMPACT AutoCAD drawing, a CIM with the same number will be generated on the AutoCAD drawing.  

IMPACT CIM mark.png

Figure 3 - MPACT CIM Mark

name of cims in standard admin.png

Figure 4 - IMPACT CIM Mark corresponds to the Cast-in Materials numbers, shown in IMPACT Standard Admin

acad name of cims.png

Figure 5 - IMPACT CIM Mark corresponds to the Cast-in Materials numbers, shown in CIM definitions in IMPACT AutoCAD

Read also about possibility for creating Project CIM. 

IMPACT Schedule

IMPACT Schedule parameter is used for differentiating between automatically generated shedules on the shop drawing. For example if the parameter has a value ´´cim´´, the CIM will be included in the CIM schedule, that is generated automatically on the shop drawing. 

The same parameter is also used with value´´opening´´ in recess families. The recesses are then included in automatically generated opening schedules on the IMPACT Revit shop drawing. 

IMPACT Schedule.png

Figure 6 - IMPACT Schedule parameter

Unique Mark Controller

This parameter is necessary for user, that would like to keep same element mark on elements with identical geometry, component and reinforcement. This setting is available in the project properties in Project manager. 

Unique Mark Controller helps the IMPACT system to scan and identify elements with identical components, like for exampel CIM. Therefore, we advise the user to add Unique Mark Controller parameter to all newly-created CIM families. There is no need to fill in a value, as the value will be filled in automatically by the software, if needed.  

Unique Mark Controller.png

Figure 7 - IMPACT Unique Mark Controller.

Additional parameters

There are many additional parameters that are not necessary for CIM families, but the user can find them useful. Here we list some of the most used among the IMPACT users. 

IMPACT CIM Description

IMPACT Revit version 15.0.016

IMPACT CIM Description is a Family Type paramater, that the user can add to the CIM Revit Family. Various text values can be given to the IMPACT CIM Description parameter. In the example below, the user has chosen to mention the name of the CIM family and the family type name. 

The value of the parameter will be shown as default in the CIM annotation text in the shop drawing.

IMPACT Revit version 15.0.0xx and 16.0.0xx (to be released)

In upcoming IMPACT Revit releases, the user will be able to choose between three default CIM annotation text project settings. It is possible to set IMPACT CIM Description, IMPACT CIM Reference or Family name/type as a default CIM annotation text. Read more here.  

descr par.jpg

Figure 8 - IMPACT CIM Description parameter

IMPACT CIM Reference

The user can give various text values to the IMPACT CIM Reference parameter. In the example below, the user has chosen to make a reference for the company, producing the CIM component. The parameter value will be displayed in the automatically generated Cast-in Material schedule in the IMPACT Revit shop drawing. The user can find IMPACT CIM Refence parameter in Standard Admin and in CIM deifinition in IMPACT AutoCAD 

IMPACT CIM reference.png

Figure 9 - IMPACT CIM Reference

impact cim reference in standard admin.png

Figure 10 - IMPACT CIM Reference in IMPACT Standard Admin

IMPACT CIM Treatment

IMPACT CIM Treatment is an instance parameter, where the user can write down the necessary treatment for the CIM component. The parameter value will be displayed in the automatically generated Cast-in Material schedule in the IMPACT Revit shop drawing.

IMPACT CIM treatment.png

Figure 11 - IMPACT CIM Treatment

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