IMPACT Revit version 15.0.010

IMPACT Erection CIM Schedule

IMPACT Erection CIM Schedule is a new function, which was developed in IMPACT Revit to help the user in the production process of the element. 

Many times users are struggling with storing the nested CIM families in the project, which later are needed on the building site. To make shop drawings less crowded and complicated now the users can create Erection CIM Schedule for nested families in IMPACT Revit.  

For the purpose of demonstrating the function we will take a Plate with different bolts as CIM and a Wall for host.

1.The first step is to open the cast in material family by Edit Family function, if the user opens the family within a project. The cast in material family can also be opened individually and later added to the projectAfter the family is opened go to IMPACT view and in Components under Cast in material choose Erection CIM function.


2.Choose the Family Type in the Erection CIM settings then right click on the the grayed out field and add row. In the new row specify the CIM No., Quantity, Reference, Treatment and Description. To finish the command click on OK. 


3.Load the family in the project. In IMPACT view go to Update model and Family editor function. Load the Family in to the project by "Overwriting the existing version and its parameter values".


4.Add the family to the wall element if it not added yet.


5.In IMPACT view under Draw Wall falling menu select Save Walls  function and save the element.


6.After the element is saved go to the Erection CIM Schedule function in Update model field. Simply press on the function and the schedule will be generated. 


The generated IMPACT Erection Schedule will be found under Schedules in the Project Browser.

schedule 2.png

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