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Try out IMPACT Library browser, where you can preview your IMPACT standard in Common, Local and Project level. The browser window provides user-friendly navigation and editing of the IMPACT standard with a few clicks. The user is able to see a preview of the components and read about different family types and parameters without having to open additional files and folders.

IMPACT Library Browser.png

Figure 2 - IMPACT Library Browser dialogue window


The project tree corresponds on the left of the dialogue corresponds to the path where Companies Standard is placed. The organisation of the folders is the same on the tree structure. 

For instance, under "Project" level folders used for IMPACT functionality can be found. Meaning that, if user wants to draw any of the element, he/she can do that without using Regular IMPACT functions. 

For instance, in the "Elements" section all project-based elements (families) or XML definitions can be found without further using Explorer. On the right top part of the dialogue instances from the specific folder can be found. A dialogue part below presents parameter preview of the family - they cannot be changed but previewed. 

Action items

By right-clicking on the item, the user receives five action items:


EditOpens selected object's Family Editor window
InsertInserts the element in the project (user needs to place it)
DuplicateCreates a copy of the selected instance
RenameRenames the family
DeleteDeletes the selected item(s)

Additional functions:

  • Refresh -   right click on the project tree - Refresh button updates IMPACT Library after Explorer folder changes
  • Open in Explorer - right click on the project tree and open IMPACT Library's location in Explorer

Sorting in Thumbnails or a list  with details - right top window: 2018-10-25_10h25_10.png

  • Search - searches for instances after its name. If the specific Cast-in material is about to be found using Search, user can use CIM number (From Administrative tool) by writing a suffix at the end of CIM number, like: "0185:cim"

IMPACT Library video



Figure 1 - IMPACT Library Browser


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