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What is a Project template?

The project template is a vital starting point for new Revit models. A project template includes project settings like levels, loaded families, view templates, customized unit settings, line style settings, scale settings, fill patterns, etc.  With other words, the project template is a perfect possibility for the user to create and maintain office drawing standard. Every time new Revit model is about to be created, Revit would ask for a project template to be used. 


Figure 1 - Select Project Template, when creating new Revit models. 

IMPACT Project template location

IMPACT Project template can be found in the templates folder in 1100 IMPACT Revit standard. This project template is modified by StruSoft and it contains important project settings. It is advisable to use it, when creating new Revit files. 


Figure 2 -  IMPACT Project Template location in IMPACT Revit standard folder.


Set a default Project template

It is recomended to set the IMPACT Project template as default, when you start using the IMPACT Revit software. Later, when the company sets up their own company standard, the IMPACT project template can be sabstituted with another project template from the company standard. See the video below, showing how to set up a default project template in Revit. 

project template.gif

Figure 3 - Set up a default Project template in Revit. 


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