Lattice Girders

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Lattice girder in Form Slab definition

lattice girde.png

Family name:                                Specify the Lattice Girder family which you want to use.

Distribution:                                  Specify if the distribution is done by number of girders or maximum spacing.

Number of girders:                       Specify the desired number of girders.

Distance to longside [mm]:         Specify how far should the girders be from the longside of the slab.

Spacing [mm]:                              Specify the spacing between the girders.

Spacing large elements [mm]:    Specify the spacing between the girders in large elements.

Length large elements [mm]:      Specify what is span span of large elements.

Min distance to shortside :          Specify a value considered minimum distance  to the shortside of the slab.

Max distance to shortside :         Specify a value considered maximum distance to  the shortside of the slab.

Min distance to hole [mm]:          Specify a value considered minimum distance to the hole in the slab.


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