Link Status data

Link Status is a function that provides information about project parameters in IMPACT database. Each IMPACT Revit file is linked to an IMPACT project. Link Status function can be used in order to find data for the IMPACT project, to which the Revit file belongs to. 

IIMPACT project name, IMPACT Factory and Company is shown once the mouse is put over the Link Status icon. 

Project: Displays IMPACT project name, to which the Revit file is linked to. 

Factory: Displays which Local standard the IMPACT project belongs to. 

Company: Displays which Common standard the IMPACT project belongs to. 

link status 01.jpg

Figure 1. Link Status shows IMPACT project parameters 

A window with more detailed data about the IMPACT project opens, once the user presses on Link Status. 

link status 02.jpg

Figure 2. Link Status window

Company: Displays which Company (Common) the IMPACT project belongs to. 

Standard: Displays which Standard (Local) the IMPACT project belongs to. 

IMPACT Project: Displays IMPACT Project name. 

Title: Displays IMPACT Project title. 

Description: Displays IMPACT Project description. 

Folder Info

Folder Info will open a text document, where the user can read database information about the IMPACT project. 

link status03.jpg

Figure 3. Text document with database information regarding the IMPACT project. 

Parameter File Path: Displays location of Shared parameter file

Revit Logger File Path: Displays location of Log file, which records any errors during execution of IMPACT Revit commands. 

Project Path: Displays location of IMPACT project in the IMPACT folder system

Common Standard Path: Displays location of Common standard 

Local Standard Path: Displays location of Local standard 

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